What do Fuel Cell Technicians do?

Install, operate, or maintain integrated fuel cell systems in transportation, stationary, or portable applications.

  • Assemble fuel cells or fuel cell stacks according to mechanical or electrical assembly documents or schematics.
  • Build fuel cell prototypes, following engineering specifications.
  • Calibrate equipment used for fuel cell testing.
  • Collect or maintain fuel cell test data.
  • Document or analyze fuel cell test data, using spreadsheets or other computer software.
  • Perform routine or preventive maintenance on fuel cell test equipment.
  • Report results of fuel cell tests.
  • Test fuel cells or fuel cell stacks, using complex electronic equipment.
  • Order fuel cell testing materials.
  • Perform routine vehicle maintenance procedures, such as part replacements or tune-ups.
  • Recommend improvements to fuel cell design or performance.
  • Troubleshoot fuel cell test equipment.
  • Conduct tests or provide technical support for tests of prototype fuel cell engines or thermal management systems.
  • Install or test spark ignition (SI) or compression ignition (CI) engines.
  • Install, calibrate, or operate emissions analyzers, cell assist software, fueling systems, or air conditioning systems in engine testing systems.
  • Perform electrochemical performance or durability testing of solid oxide fuel cells.

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